Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hobbits and Eggs ...

It seems bizarre to me that after being out of the House all week at School come Saturday morning all my kids want to do is lie around INSIDE and not "DO" a whole lot.
As they are up first, they help themselves to their first Breakfast...(I do believe I gave birth to Hobbits!) then they either play or watch Saturday Disney.
Daniel actually blesses us with a Saturday morning tradition: cooking a Hot Breakfast. The contents of which are usually determined by what is present in our refrigerator at the time...Short Cut Gluten Free Bacon, Eggs (whichever way we want them), Tomato, Hash Browns (on the odd occasion), Mushrooms (I know others like them but seriously....YUK!) all served with a cool glass of Orange Juice and just for me a steaming cup of coffee. He insists that the adults are to be served first...then the Kids all line up for their Second Breakfast!
It's a simple tradition in our family, and one that I really appreciate....
I love Saturdays. It is one of the only days we start all together. That time together as one family is so precious to me. I love it!!! I crave it!!! I neeeeeed it!!! It helps me to feel that we are in this together. We are a Team....and quite often it is a time when we get to talk. The children inevitably wander off to do their own thing and I have my dear Hubby's attention, all to myself! Well for a little while. He works Saturdays. But for that small window of time not even Hannah Montana can compete for my attention! I secretly love that show!!!
We seem to have more and more demands on our time, running this child to violin, this one to cello, these two to Cub Scouts, dragging myself to Book Club and MOPS (nothing gets in the way of attending those invaluable head space creating events) sharing Daniel with the men's ministry he is involved in, work...not to mention clearing out the house in preparation for leaving in 29 days to travel around Australia permanently! Think Gypsy lifestyle, although I don't think we'll be Singing or Dancing for our supper, no-one would pay us.... So any time I can get with my Husband is like gold to me!
Thank you Lord for blessing me with a man who works so hard for his family. Thank you Lord for our special Saturday morning tradition, for hungry little Hobbit like people who eat well and for time to just "be together". Please help us to appreciate each other and enjoy each other's company, no matter how brief those moments may be.

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Anonymous said...

Hello! That's a great post - what alovely tradition you have for your family. (mushrooms... YUM!!! hehe)