Friday, February 6, 2009

Sweet Soft Sophie...

"Sweet Soft Sophie"... the tag clearly read!
It was a nondescript box about the size of a telephone book...but boldly emblazoned across the top were the words "To my Sweet Soft Sophie" and the address.
I suddenly had a flashback to the days when I used to write love notes to my Husband.. and address them to:
  • "The chunk in my custard"
  • "My Stud Muffin"
  • "The love of My Life"
  • "To my Darling Daniel"
And then I got I dub the children other names?
Miss Josie has been dubbed "Our Honey-eyed girl"
Miss Leisl as a baby was dubbed "Leisl the Loud" from the moment she was born...but has gradually become "Lovely Leisl"
Miss Rosa has always been called affectionately "Belle" which is her middle name...Nothing clever and catchy there.
And Master Connor has always been "Mister Moo"
I picked up the nickname "Poss" from my own parents owing largely to a love affair I have with fruit and nuts. (I thought that was alright actually). My older sister Kristin was always "Krist a Belle" or "Kristy", my younger brother Ross was "Rosco" or "Gungadin", Geoffrey was "GJ" or "Boogle" and Jennifer was "Jen" or "Jen wren". I have a funny relationship with my sister in law...I always call her "The Old Girl" (she's 6 weeks older than me!). Everything I send her has those very words emblazoned across the top....
But something about the parcel had piqued my curiosity... Who was Sophie? Was she a sweet little girl, or a dear friend to the sender? Or perhaps this was a far more intimate term of endearment for a much loved woman....? I placed the parcel on the shelf and hoped that I would be the one to hand it over to the mysterious "Sophie" so that I could check her out....
The lady came and collected the parcel, she didn't explain the name, nor did she deny it. She simply smiled radiantly and glowed. There was a hint of blush on her pale cheeks but I never did get an answer to my pondering.... However I could tell without a shadow of a doubt that the woman was loved dearly by the sender.
I wonder if we could be prompted to share our hearts with those dear to us through endearing words and phrases? I challenge you with the next letter, parcel or card that you send, to address it intimately.
The Bible says in Proverbs 16:24....
Pleasant words are a honeycomb,
sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.

I am sure that it's irrelevant to "Sweet Soft Sophie" what the contents of the parcel actually were, the gift of love and affection was abundantly clear from the moment she read those 3 simple words....

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