Thursday, February 5, 2009

Why is it.....?

Why is it that the little people in the household have the loudest voices?
Why is it that it's excusable for small children to have meltdowns when they're tired/stress/cranky/overloaded/caught out...but the Mum is expected to be patient and kind and sooooo calm?
Why is it that the children come to my side of the bed?
Why is it that I handle all manner of tears...but Daddy is the "fun" one?
Why is it that my kids seem so surprised if I know something they have learnt at  School?
Why is it that I'm chief in charge of all extra curricular activities and Dinner menus?
Why is it that nostrils are large enough for picking fingers and sleeves on shoulders are perfectly placed for wiping grubby mouths?
Why is it that I can't have a phone conversation without one child coming to interrupt me with a question?
Why is it that going to bed is not synonymous with going to sleep?
Why is it that I can't even (to borrow a term from a good mate)..."poo in peace"?
Why is it that when I wear a skirt  is an instant play area for hiding, flicking, lifting and twisting?
Why is it that sharing a toilet with a child is always LOUD and embarrassing?
Why is it that sticky tape and staplers solve all creative dilemmas but when I need them I can't find one that works?

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Cathy said...

Oh so, so true and perplexing, especially the skirt and toileting in peace - something I've yet to achieve after 8 years, and now I'm in for more - just as well they're gorgeous at other times, I guess - but I ask a lot of these questions and struggle with Daddy being the laid back fun one, too. I wonder if the kids confuse the word telephone with microphone! As for the sticky tape, etc, I decided at the back-to-school sales this year, I'd buy my own stash and keep it concealed - it's working so far and it's nice to have some of my very own but... I guess I'll bring them out for homework emergencies - afterall, I am a mother:) I'm glad we're not alone in this motherhood adventure - SHARED smiles bring sanity!!!