Friday, February 6, 2009 Possum!

I woke up this morning with one little possum snuggled up against me. I have no recollection of her coming in, hence I have no clue how long she was there. I squished down the little flash of annoyance that ran through my head as I realised she was cutting off the blood supply to my arm...and wiggled over a bit. Then I watched awash with Mother love as, suddenly cool from the gap I'd created, she squirmed over to nestle against me again. All whilst still being asleep.
It's a lovely feeling to have someone warm and soft to cuddle. How can I begrudge my sleeping princess that need for her mum's comforting presence. She didn't know that her twin brother had been playing tag with her in sneaking into mum's bed for a cuddle during the wee small hours. She didn't know that I had crawled into bed exhausted much later than intended. She didn't know that her Dad had lost all claim to his side of the bed and was perilously close to falling off.
She didn't know....and if she did it wouldn't matter.
She just needed the reassurance. The comfort and peace that a loved one's embrace yields. She needed to feel safe and warm. And she needed to go back to sleep.....
I am no different really.

I had a stressful day on Wednesday, one that saw me turn into Psycho-mum...the proof is in the yelling!
It was just one of those days when stuff went wrong...I had to be somewhere by a certain time, which allowed only a brief stopover at home to bathe children, dress them, cook Dinner and exit poste haste! Annnnd I had an unexpected visitor, the phone rang and kept on ringing, the children didn't want to have their showers early, the older ones didn't want to help me prepare and cook, they all just wanted some time to play...My husband was going to be late home...I wanted to scream! I came home many hours later....feeling exhausted, drained and soooo over it! After going through the motions, teeth, toilet, tucking little ones into bed etc I sank into a chair and poured out my heart to God. I sat there feeling a fresh crop of tears brewing....and thought to myself...."How did I get so out of control? why did I lose it? I feel like a lousy Mother....please Lord what do I have to do?"
It was then that these soothing words sprang to mind...
"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your soul..". Matthew 11:28-29
I felt the gentle nudge to ring my dear friend and cancel our pre-arranged get together for the next morning, and then to subsequently cancel all other "outings" for the day... Instead I spent the day seeking out my Father's embrace, snuggling in close to hear his still small voice. Seeking out the reassurance, comfort and peace that spending time in his presence brings. And you know what? It was goooood!
Be encouraged, when the ground falls from underneath you and you find yourself tumbling out of will all be over soon! Just close your eyes, pour out your heart to your Heavenly Father....and press into him...for he is gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your soul =]
So....Play Possum!

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Cathy said...

Thank-you Karen! This was me to a `t' by yesterday afternoon - I took myself for a brisk walk around the block, ostensibly (and really) to buy more Dymadon for my 8 year old's toothache, then walked just as briskly to the bathroom for "shower time", as my good friend, Saminda, calls it -aka a good cry to my Heavenly father about my needs and failures and the same verse was given to me, too:)It came again at 3:30am as I wept for the Victorian tragedies...
Between your blog and Saminda's, I find encouragement, smiles and empathy, especially since we now have Chloe catch the bus to and from school so I miss the "carpark cameraderie" of school drop-offs and pick-ups. Thank-you for carving out time in this busy life for blogging. It's making a difference and changing others' worlds:)