Saturday, February 7, 2009

Suck it up Princess!

I came out of the Office today to find our four precious, delightful children all bickering, so I did what any Mother worth her salt does...I retreated and waited to see if it would all blow itself out.
The tempest raged for some time and there's only sooo much time you can spend on Facebook! So, I intervened...sending them all to their respective beds. A very noisy process! But essential...
Time out is as crucial for them as it is for makes me a better Mum. I am always so much better equipped with a self-imposed breather to get a handle on my frustrations. Sometimes much to our amusement Rosa (Miss 6) takes herself to bed, loudly, but without our intervention. She knows she needs to get it together so she storms off to bed.
I wonder where you go? Or what you do in that brief breather?
I go outside! Breathe in Breathe out... And having a beautiful view out the back really helps. Somehow being outside takes the edge off. Other times I go check my emails, send a text message, read a page or two of our Book Club Book or the MOPS book for this year "The Mommy Diaries". No matter what I do, I pray!
It's funny, the other day we were having one of those episodes with Miss Rosa, and in a flash of frustration this wrung out Mummy inappropriately quipped "suck it up Princess!" To which she ceased raging and delightfully replied...."Mummy..., you just called me Princess!"
That made me laugh!!! All tension dissipated...
Apparently being addressed as the royalty she KNOWS she is was enough to pull her out of her stormy emotional outburst!
I think I might just use this amusing reminder for myself.
All of us can do with reminding that we are adopted daughters of the KING!
Annnd when life spins out of control emotionally, as it inevitably does during this crazy Adventure in Mothering, I hope he whispers loudly in our ears...
Suck it up Princess!

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