Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Time To Take Down SuperMUM!

To know me—who I am and who I am not—is to love me.

It’s time to take down Supermum!

She has to go. The damage she does to you is HUGE! You are soooo much more than the “Supermum” illusion tricks you into thinking you need to be! There is inside you a great person, a fantastic mother, a friend, a comforter, a whole myriad of beautiful and complex pieces that blend together uniquely to reveal the real you. I can hear you thinking…..

“But you don’t know me”

that’s just it. I believe that we women suffer universally from a low self-esteem epidemic. Like a virus it creeps up on us when we are feeling a bit down or lonely. We make the mistake of comparing ourselves to others when things aren’t quite turning out the way they should be, maybe we’ve lost sight of where we’re going, what our purpose is.

The way we view ourselves seems to be a transient day to day thing. Some days we’re pretty cruisey and the next we feel like absolute failures, unworthy, insecure, desperate! I encourage you to abandon the notion that as a woman you can do it all without any help! Help yourself by first admitting to yourself your role as a woman and mother is not easy. You have a lot of needs to meet, but you aren’t giving yourself a chance if you’re doing it all. Perhaps as a result, you’re not too exciting to be around either. You can’t go back and change yesterday, but today is a new day. What happens today is in your control, your thoughts, and your choices. You can do this! Focus on what really matters. Don’t be embarrassed to be who you are, there is no-one else exactly like you in the whole world! Be the mum you were designed to be, not the “ideal woman” but the real woman! God made you for this. As Emilie Barnes wrote so eloquently;

“Your life as a mother is a life of significance before the Lord”.

I know that it’s hard sometimes; I have struggled with my own self-esteem for my entire life. It seems we are indelibly programmed to think the worst of ourselves at any given moment. I know I am. However I also know that I have a loving God who knows me intimately and STILL loves me, who wants the best for me and is protecting me. Did you realise that you are worth the life of his son?

Bless you.

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