Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Weary Mummy

As a mum chances are, you’re a self-sacrificing champion
Are you looking after yourself? 
Do you have time for stillness? 
Time to soothe your soul and recharge?  
Our lives are so filled up with “stuff” that we literally get to a point where we can’t hear ourselves think! I know for myself; when I can’t afford the time to stop or slow down, that’s usually the time I most need to. Kind of like a wind-up toy…the more I give out, the slower I get…. until eventually I can’t give anymore and I come to a standstill. Then I have to take the time to wind up my own energy reserves, so that I can keep powering on.
It’s in these times that I lean on God. I find a small window of opportunity to simply be still, let everything go and let God take over. I cling to the promise of Psalm 29:11 “The Lord gives strength to his people; the Lord blesses his people with peace.” He’s got it covered! He’s looking out for me and he will keep me going, even if that means stopping for a moment. Taking my turn, before being wound up again.
Easy said, but how do we recognise those pockets of stillness to recharge ourselves? I think the answer lies in choosing to grab hold of them, wherever you’re at, with simple pleasures! I can hear you saying… “But how?”
Maybe for you it could be by; taking a walk, getting outside to breathe, lying on your back looking up at the shapes in the clouds, taking a long shower with some aromatic shower gel, painting your finger/toenails whilst the children are sleeping, ringing a friend to catch up, having a cuppa and reading for 15 uninterrupted minutes whilst Playschool’s on, praying, putting on a face masque, taking a soak in a bubble bath with only a candle for light (after the kids go to bed), having a foot spa, listening to “Focus on The Family” (on 106.5FM at 10am or 9:30pm), writing an encouragement note for somebody, getting a haircut, buying yourself something special, putting on some music turning it up and singing LOUD, going to the Gym, or for a swim, taking a nap, going out to Dinner with your Hubby, having a water fight, going away for a weekend, reading, drawing, getting down and playing with the kids, reading an Officework’s catalogue…. I mean who knows, whatever energises you!
When we take a moment to savour a few simple pleasures we might just come back a nicer “Mummy”. For each of us it’s a different thing. What recharges you? I really encourage you to find a way to find that stillness, cut the stress down to size and rediscover the fun. I really love the way Emilie Barnes puts it in her book “Keep It Simple For Mom’s On The Go”:
I see you in the stillness of early morning, Lord. I listen for your voice in the stillness of an afternoon moment of rest. When I pause to hear the song of a bird, I am letting myself breathe in your peace.”
Tell me, are you letting yourself breathe?
God Rest you!

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