Friday, April 17, 2009

Crazy Last Day Of Term 1...

The last day of School for first term was one crazy day indeed. After a week filled with tummy bugs and an attack of the grumps, we were thrilled to find ourselves on the brink of 10 special days together to rest, recuperate and recharge for next term.
With much delight the children dressed in plain clothes for "free dress day" and then we got down to business..."crazy hair-styling". No Easter bonnet parades at their School, just "crazy hair and free dress day".
Having won the previous 4 years Josie (Miss 10) insisted she wanted to look crazy but not win this year okay Mum! Leisl (Miss 8 & 3/4)was determined to go to school even though she was feeling a little off, so I did her hair to match. Rosa (Miss 6) wanted to look like a Princess (of course!!!!) and Connor (Mr 6) well, he just doesn't have much hair! So after a bit of effort on my part with the girls we dashed down to the local shops to search out some coloured hair spray for one little man. Armed with said can we arrived at School, and under pressure applied it artistically in the car park, as you do. Here are the results (P.S if you click on the pics they will open up much bigger):
Josie's "zzzzzz zzzzzzz do"
was twisted and spiky and whacky.

Leisl's was quite pretty at the back but very unusual at the front...

P4096518 P4096520Rosa was quite beautiful... a true Princess!
Connor was short, and swirly! And we plaited his little Rat's tail....

P4096534All in all it was a lot of fun, and four happy littleuns headed into the School eager to show off their new "dos".
It made me think doesn't matter if they win, or if their Teachers and Peers like their the end of the day the pins will come out, the dye will wash out and the ribbons will be put away...but they will have yet another memory to hang on to. Another story about their whacky Mum and the crazy creations she came up with. And how we scoured the local shops for coloured hair spray (even considering for a brief moment using crazy string!) The perfect end to a topsy turvey first term for my two Grade one-ers, one Grade 4-er and one Grade 5-er. One that often left me scratching my head trying to figure things out, or yanking my hair out as I tried to come to terms with the frustrations of Bullying, or the many moments of stress and borderline hysteria as we negotiated the thrills and spills of 4 little people trying to make sense of their ever changing world. I love that at every moment God has walked with us...gently coaching us, providing for us and smoothing out the bubbles. I love that...when I find myself in the thick of it and feel like I'm going a little bit Psycho-Mummy Crazy he is there...helping me to take a deep breath and brush it off.
Sigh. I often catch myself repeating "I love my kids! No, really, I LOVE my kids!!!!" Just to remind myself that when things get a bit sticky..."I really DO loooooove my Kids!"
I can only imagine how much my God and Father looks upon the tangled, tousled mess of our crazy mixed up world and says..."I LOVE my Kids! I really Loooooove my kids!"
Let's face it, he's crazy about us too!


SquiggleMum said...

Just love this post Karen (and the hairstyles too!) I've added your blog to my blogroll ;) Cath.

Karen A-D said...

Thanks Cath, i just love your Blog too. I often sneak a peak at what you've been up to. So sorry I don't write more regularly, I often have scraps of paper with notes tacked to my computer desk, and even more often have drafts in my live writer. I get around to it eventually.
Love n hugs

The Pifer's said...

Cute and funky hair :) I love it!!!!!!!!!