Thursday, August 14, 2008

Time to heal....

My poor little 8 year old has got a nasty case of tonsillitis. She is very crook. I feel so sorry for her, she is very uncomfortable. This is the child that never gets ill. This is the child we often say has the "constitution of an ox". She is usually a beautiful, strong, healthy red-headed little girl.
Consequently she has missed a whole week of School, even being sick on a pupil free day! Which she assures me is most unfair! I have had to change my schedule this week to accommodate her illness. But it has been a blessing in disguise. We have had the opportunity to hang out together, to yell at the TV together as we've watched some of the Olympics whilst she's been unwell. We've talked and cuddled and laughed and eaten cool jelly, consumed fresh juice and the biggest navel oranges I've ever seen in my life! When she's had spiking temperatures, I've stroked her little brow and gently tucked her in to bed. Brushing my lips over her forehead, all the while aching inside. I wish there was some way I could take the pain and discomfort away. Some little thing that I could do to make her feel better. But of course there's not. She just has to fight the infection, with the assistance of some antibiotics, to rest and recover. She needs time to heal.
So I have had time to pause and reflect.....
I'm sure that the Lord aches for each of us the way I do for my little girl. I know that he is with me and that with him no matter the result I have no need to fear. Yet sometimes I just want to fix the problem area or throw a balm on it...but he has a broader perspective. He sees that deep within each of us lies an ache. A deep seated hurt that we can do nothing towards fixing or healing on our own. We simply need time to heal. Time to soak up the warmth of His loving embrace. Time to sit at His feet and listen to His small still voice. Time to rest in His promises for our lives. Time to recover with the soothing words of His truth. Time to deal with the consequences of our bad decisions. Time to seek forgiveness for the hurts we have caused others. Time to lay our prayers and petitions on His shoulders. Time to trust that He knows what he is doing, and he just needs me to let him.
Thank you Lord for your perfect timing, and for your gentleness towards fallible me. Thank you for giving me time to heal.

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Kyla said...

Hope she feels better soon! And the mystery of the quiet child under the table at MOPS is now solved....:)