Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Read It And Loved It...

Feathers From My Nest, a Mother's reflections

written by Beth Moore. (you can find out more about Beth at living proof ministries or bethmoore.org)
What a lovely book, it was like a warm cosy look at parenting with the perspective of 'been there done that'. I thoroughly enjoyed laughing and crying with Beth and her family as they really invited the reader in to their family. Well worth the read.
"They lifted up effortlessly into the sky and headed toward a masterfully painted horizon. Mr Sparrow glanced back one last time. 'A fine nest it was'. Mrs Sparrow was finally content to look ahead, her tears drying in the autumn breeze. There would be more tears. But there would also be more breezes to dry them. She looked to her right contentedly, thankful for her partner in this terrestrial flight. She then tilted her wings upward to gaze at her Maker, resting assured of her flight's destination. No need to look back. After all, she left nothing behind. For she had gathered feathers from her nest."

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Janellybelly said...

I have this on my bookshelf, but haven't brought myself to reading it yet!