Saturday, July 26, 2008

It's a Twin Thing...

I have twins right.

A boy and a girl.

No they are not identical.

You would be surprised how many times I have been asked that question.... I actually saw a frazzled mother storming through a shopping centre one day with a cardboard sign perched atop her pram declaring these words:
Yes they are twins. No they are not identical. I know I have my hands full...I don't need you to tell me that. I don't think it's any of your business whether they were IVF babies or how many times we had sex to get them, so don't ask! And DON'T STOP ME!!! my toddler has just run off....Have a nice day.
I so understand that lady's head space.

My 5 year old twins are a boy and a girl....they are fraternal, and are in many ways just like normal siblings for each other. But there are times when their twinship is unmistakable. Think about it....they have built in play mates. Yes there are times when he uses her arms to test out his latest sword, or she dresses him up in some girly tutu, but it's absolutely gorgeous when they play "mummies and daddies" and he talks about her being his girl. And she pretends to give him a kiss when he comes home....aaaahhh. Recently we observed them holding hands whilst they ate their Dinner. How sweet.

But nothing prepared me for this....

The little girl has experienced shall we say, First Class Service in the toileting department. She just will not wipe her own bottom. It doesn't matter how much I encourage, bribe or threaten....she just will NOT do it. Well my husband and I have decided it needs to stop. We are no longer going to help her in this department... I mean does anyone else get their bottom wiped for them???? Seriously. So in a unified approach, we told her that it's all up to her. That's it. No more yelling at us to come and help, if it is to be it's up to she....

Yesterday the little princess was on her throne, in the small room of the house, yelling "muuuuuuuuummmmmmmyyyyy" and when that didn't work..."dddaaaaaaaaaaaaddddyy" over and over again until we began to wonder what our neighbours thought. So with a quick arrow prayer for wisdom, patience and confidence, I responded firmly that No it's time for the princess to do this herself, because she's a big girl now etc..etc..etc.

Time passed with tears and whimpers, all the while perched atop her throne.
Then silence....and I have to confess at this point I got distracted with cooking dinner and thought no more of it until she appeared in front of me. Wonder of wonders I thought, she did it. But when asked she vaguely said
"ummmm C (her twin brother) helped me"...
What????? You've got to be joking.... so I went in search of her brother, and asked what happened... He shrugged and said
"It's okay mum, I did half and she did half !!!!"
(Like derrr mum) I couldn't believe it. Thankfully kept a straight face and asked the next logical question..."did you wash your hands?" To which he replied
"no....cos I didn't get any on me"
(double derrrrrr mum).
It's a twin thing!

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Kyla said...

That will be a good story for their 18th...;)