Saturday, August 1, 2009

Some times you just have to blow it!

Well it started out as an ordinary family meal...
We were doing the normal Tea-time know: "eat with your mouth closed" "Use your cutlery" "No, don't wipe your face on your shirt!" "Ask for things to be passed to you, don't just grab it..." "Sit on your chair properly"
Annnnnd it all changed in an instant!
One minute the tension was rising, the frustration was palpable, the conversation had trickled to just about nothing....
Then the unexpected happened.....
Connor had picked up a pea examined it and decided it fit perfectly inside his right nostril!!!! He then expelled it with great force, and blow me down if that pea didn't fly out of his nose and bounce across the table!
Now I don't know about you but there are some times when you just have to laugh and it's really not appropriate, but you can't help it nor can you stifle it. The more you try not to, the more likely you are to explode in fits of mirth!!!! And when that green pea came flying out of his nose and bounced across the surface of the Husband and I locked eyes and he said "Don't! Just Don't!!!!" But it was too late, no amount of pretend coughing was going to disguise my shaking giggling shoulders!!!! Hee Hee. I mean seriously...the pea bounced across the table!!!! Very Funny!
Thank you Lord that sometimes I just have to blow it out...and Laugh! Thank you for the faithful instruction you give me for the day to day "stuff", and thank you for the curiosity of little boys!!!!

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