Friday, July 24, 2009

Once upon a time there was a busy mummy...

I wonder sometimes just how my four perceive me???
Do they see me as a stressed out Psycho-Mum?
I wonder....
Once upon a time there was a stressed out Mummy who was always busy. Her favourite thing to do was have her turn on the computer. She didn't like mess, always wanted us to help clean it up, especially when someone was coming over to visit. She often rang her handsome prince to find out exactly when he would be home and then kept looking up expectantly as cars drove past. And spent all her days doing the washing although she never did actually get it folded and put back into drawers. She loved us, cleaned us, fed us, fixed our sores and wiped our tears and our snotty noses. She tucked us in to bed, came running when we called out in the night, gave us ventolin when we were having asthma attacks....!
Sometimes, it is a delight to have a snuggly wiggly bony bottomed little one on your lap reading to you.
Or to have a cuddle under the covers on a chilly morning before getting on with the "to do list".
Or to go for a burn on the scooter in the driveway....just because.
Or to make choc dipped strawberries for dessert, and use the last of the chocolate to cover 4 large marshmallows as an extra treat for 4 precious little darlings.
Or to warm up the day's clothes in the drier on a cold morning so they're snug and warm and sooooo nice.
But sometimes I forget. I get tied up in the crazy paced day to day survival that belongs to working Mums. You know what? I wouldn't be surprised if my kids missed "their Mum" sometimes. I certainly miss them. I feel so overwhelmed with love for these four precious people and their Dad....but sometimes I just I always to be a busy Mummy?
Lord help me today to take time to play, to laugh and slow down and hold hands and appreciate the children that you have blessed me with. Help me to relax in your sovereignty, help me to be a better Mum, help me to spend time on the things that really matter today. Thank you for your advice to "come away with me to a quiet place...." Now I know you have kids too!


SquiggleMum said...

Thanks for this post Karen, and for a prayer I needed to say today too. Glad to see you blogging again. Love Cath.

Michele said...

I like your end to that post. Spot on! Lovely lovely lovely to see you today but I never did pin you down on a get together date. Call me!

Saminda said...

What a beautiful post, and one I know I can relate to. :) So many hours in the day, but so many spent doing things I'd rather not be doing. I just want to cherish every single minute of these precious years!!
Saminda xo