Saturday, November 8, 2008

Spray, Pray and Play Today!

Just a few quick thoughts running through my head at lightning speed....

My wonderful husband came home this week with a new 100ml bottle of my favourite perfume!
How delicious!
And I've been spraying every day!
There was a time when I would keep the really nice stuff for just special occasions....but not anymore.
Today is an occasion! It doesn't have to be the same mundane stuff every day!
By jingoes if I'm going to attack the 3 day old dishes stacked up with milky residue, I NEED perfume! Or something to remind me that I'm really Living!
When we lived in North Queensland we had sunshine 360 days a year! And that means it was hot most of the time! I kept my makeup in the fridge, seriously! And perfume exposed to heat goes bad, seriously! I'll never forget pulling out my candelabra only to discover all 3 long slim candles bent over in perfect "J" formation.
Wouldn't happen now.
I make a decision daily to use the really nice candles, the nice makeup, wear the nice underwear, the nice dresses, the nice shoes, the special expensive perfume my lovely fella blessed me with. What's the point of having it if I don't use it anyway?
I choose to live now, to enjoy now, to be a better person, wife and mother!
I may be wiping snotty noses, cleaning up vomit, treating for head lice AGAIN, but I'm doing it with a nice fragrance.....
I hope that in some small way I leave a lingering reminder of the fragrance of Christ as well.
I try to press into him daily, much like I used to when I was a lot younger with the nice perfume samples in girly magazines. I used to open the sample and rub it on. I'd like to think that I don't just give him the "normal day to day mundane" stuff in my life but make each time we meet an occasion.
I have to say at this point that the fragrance of Christ does not completely obliterate the B.O. of life, but it does make it heaps more bearable!
Press into him today. Because Life is an Occasion!


Michele said...

Yay she writes again! Although now I have images of smelly BO people rubbing Jesus shaped deodarant on their smelly armpits very funny. We could be on to something though. The Ship of Fools website sells Pope on a Rope soap why not Jesus Deodarant

Nardi said...

Amen to that! Thanks for sharing what's on your heart. Here's to more people embracing the life He has given us.

Kyla said...

Finally you are writing again! I've missed reading you. :)