Tuesday, July 22, 2008

When tears Flow...

“When words fail, tears flow. Tears have a language all of their own, a tongue that needs no interpreter. In some mysterious way, our complex inner communication system knows when to admit its verbal limitations and the tears come. Did you know God takes special notice of those tears?
In Psalms 56:8 he tells us that he puts them in his bottle and enters them into the record he keeps of our lives.
David said, “The Lord has heard my weeping” (Psalm 6:8).

A tear drop on earth summons the King of Heaven.
Rather than being ashamed or disappointed the Lord takes note of our inner friction when hard times are oiled by tears. He turns the situation into moments of tenderness; he never forgets those crises in our lives when tears were shed.”
From Chuck Swindoll’s, “For Those Who Hurt”

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