Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dust Off Your Dreams

I wonder…. What did you want to be when you grew up? Or maybe I should ask what did you think you wanted to be? I had many flights of fancy in this department as I transitioned from little girl-to primary school-to high school and so on…. Having spent my childhood on a remote western Queensland Sheep property, I had ideas of being a Teacher, marrying a grazier and staying on the land…which grew into being a singer (no really I’m not that good but kids do dream!!!!), I distinctly recall loudly declaring to my parents that I wanted to be just like Dolly Parton when I grew up

(what was I thinking? You know, I never knew why a guitar was shaped that way until I saw her hold one).

I had many ideas about working for Playschool! I loved Playschool! I wanted to learn several languages, study Art, teach Art and travel the world. But always with a home to come back to….and even in my immature mind I wanted to have a family complete with a Husband as wonderful as my Dad was, and children (although I thought 2 was enough…hmmm). Ah dreams!

On leaving High School, most of us left our lofty ambitions entrenched firmly in our childhood where they belonged and set about living life on a whim. Isn’t it interesting how well-rounded an education we receive when we are doing the steering, directing and decision-making. It’s in those times that we “grow”. We tackled our new found liberty on leaving school. Some of us studied, some worked, some travelled, some completed degrees and became known by that, others have swapped from field to field doing many things. Whatever it was that you did then, it may be a far cry from what you have become. Somewhere along the way you ‘became’ something.

You are a Mother! Enter the biggest growth phase of your life! A time where your dreams/wants/desires get placed out of reach. You live life for another now, you have responsibilities and expectations and demands. You sacrifice yourself, sometimes unknowingly, for those you love dearly. You live your life “on hold”. That speaks volumes about how much you love and care for your family.

It’s just there is an innate desire in each of us for self-improvement that can’t be brushed aside.

You were made that way. Just because you have brought another life into the world that relies on you, doesn’t mean that your needs cease to exist.

“Mums, too, have a legitimate need to grow as individuals, to develop their talents and abilities (doing) as well as strengthen their character (being).” (Elisa Morgan & Carol Kuykendall)

It is possible to care for your precious little ones and yourself. So what! if something doesn’t get done, or you eat frozen veggies for Dinner, or the washing doesn’t get folded… You will be a much better person, and parent, if you take some time (even as little as 15 minutes) to nurture your self!

Ready, set, Grow!

Read, walk, write, draw, paint, sew, dance, play, type, plan, decorate, shop, cook, sing- whatever it is that you would really love to do!

Decide today to use your unique God given abilities and dust off your dreams.

Which will you choose? To be a human doing or a human being?

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